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Okay, has anyone heard of the game Bioshock? Even if you didn't you don't really need to in order to read this story. (just would have helped understand the background of this world a little more) Basically a long time ago, a tycoon got fed up with the world and decided to build his own little utopia at the bottom of the ocean though it did not last and the city fell. All the citizens who lived in the city became addicted to a special drug that morphed and disfigured them. Now the city is flooding and breaking down, all that the remaining people can do is wait for the bitter end. This brings us to the story of one boy named Billy. Ten years have passed since the fall and all he wants is to find his father and somehow escape. While traveling through the wrecked city Billy meets a citizen who isn't completely corrupted... insane, but not bloodthirsty insane at least. Despite the story description the story is a comedy with a lot of action and a possible romance :o. (its a bioshock Doujin lol) Bioshock website <3 (

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Sorry that its delayed again...

Posted by MistressKittysama
March 17th, 2016, 12:55 pm
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Sorry its been a couple weeks since the last upload. I've been preparing for an anime convention in April (I'm selling in the Artist Alley) and then I just had a death in the family. I have three new pages to add, but its been pretty difficult to do anything lately.

I plan to put the new pages up soon. Maybe Saturday morning or Sunday Evening <3

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